A New Smile – In Just Two Visits!

Peggy is a wonderful woman who felt inhibited about smiling because the tetracycline antibiotics she took as a child damaged her teeth. Along with her very supportive husband, they decided to give her the smile she was meant to have all along. In 2 visits, she got it!


A Dentist Visit Without the Wait

Jerry Seinfeld does a routine about the “waiting room” in a doctor’s office. He says you are guaranteed to wait–after all that’s what the room was designed for. I hate to disagree with my favorite comedian, but does it have to be that way? The waiting is all about doctors…


Karen’s New Smile

Karen is a lovely nurse in the office of a world renowned plastic surgeon and dermatologist. Aside from the old leaking white fillings that were affecting her appearance, Karen was suffering from muscle pain and clicking in her jaw. First we gave her temporary veneers (a fixed orthotic) to allow…