Ali’s All New Smile

Ali is a very polite, well-dressed, well-groomed, real estate professional.His teeth were yellowing and they were beginning to wear. He also had an old “cap” in the very front. In 2 easy visits, we gave him 21 porcelain veneers–and the all new smile to match his impeccable good looks.


Chris’s All New Smile

Chris is a strapping collegiate football player with a brand new bachelors degree. He landed a great executive position and has been doing phenominally well but he didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder with the smile he had. When he was younger, he damaged his teeth in an athletic…


Treat the problem not just the symptoms

Many people visit our office because they have worn, chipped teeth and they want porcelain veneers. It is important to realize that it is usually the person’s bite that causes these problems in the first place. It would be easy enough to put porcelain veneers on these teeth as they…


Are You Connected?

Staying connected 24/7 seems to be the Holy Grail of technology today. Cell phones, Blackberry’s, Treo’s, iPods, laptops and WiFi all combine to “enable” us to have access to anyone, have access to all information, anywhere, anytime. And I don’t use the word “enable” lightly! This is an addiction! Having…