How Will I Be Sedated For My Dental Appointment?

Many of my adult dental patients tell me that they have avoided important dental work because they had painful or scary experiences at the dentist when they were younger. Some people avoid the dentist because they gag easily or have had bad experiences getting numb; others may feel out of…


New Dental Patient Exams – Revisited

In my last entry, I was talking about how we hated the long new patient exams in dental school, but after all these years we’re taking just as much care in the initial visit to help patients understand their condition and their options. Back in dental school, we also used…


Consultations for New Dental Patients

Back in dental school, my classmates and I would constantly complain that we were only seeing 2 patients in the morning and 2 patients in the afternoon and that new patient exams were so exhaustive that they took forever. Interestingly enough, after 22 years in practice, we are still spending…