The economy and dental practice

The economy seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Some news reports use phrases such as “global credit crisis,” “recession,” “inflation,” “stagnation,” and “stagflation.” Other news says the economy has never been better. Some businesses, relying upon discretionary income, may be concerned that the upcoming period may not as…


Why Bakesale Betty is So Successful

Here in Oakland, there is an awesome new bakery called Bakesale Betty. Of course you wouldn’t know about it from the sign out front because there isn’t one. And their signature product isn’t a baked good at all–it’s a sandwich. I’ve been hearing about Bakesale Betty everywhere–from my wife, my…


Martha’s all new smile

Conservative cosmetic dentistry can often provide amazing transformations. By treating Martha’s four front teeth only, Martha now has the all new smile she has been wanting for a long time. Using a safe, common sedative, we were able to overcome Martha’s anxiety about treatment and keep her completely comfortable and…