Marie’s All New Smile

Marie is an attractive, energetic and very funny young woman who had her front teeth repaired with “bonding” when she was younger. The bonding was wearing out, so when one of her close friends had a smile makeover done in our office, Marie wanted her teeth done, too. Marie laughs…


Mulberry’s Market

If you sneezed while driving through downtown Piedmont you could miss it because all we have is a gas station, a couple banks and a small market. The old market was below average and finally lost its lease to make room for the new one. Piedmont’s new Mulberry’s Market is…


Patti’s All New Smile

Patti had some old bridgework made after a childhood sports accident. She is actually missing two of her teeth in the front. When it was time to replace the bridge work, she wanted to complete her smile makeover by adding some porcelain veneers to the rest of her smile. Patti…