Am’s All New Smile

Am came in with a cosmetic emergency – loose porcelain on his left front tooth! He also had a chip on his right front tooth and some discolored old bonding on his right lateral incisor (next to his right front tooth). We decided to do a conservative case – whitening,…


Comfort in Dentistry

No matter how much progress the dental profession makes, some things don’t change–a lot of patients HATE the dentist. While dentist are excited about new porcelains, laser treatments for gum disease, and implants, patients are worried about the same old things–they hate the shot, they hate the “drill,” and they’re…



Many people call us to ask if we do Lumineers for smile makeovers. The Lumineers Company understands that patients don’t like the shot, the drill or the pain that many people associate with dental care. Here is an example of a very conservative Lumineers case. Su-Chin did not like the…