Vanessa’s New Smile!

Vanessa is a high powered, jet-setting executive in Hospitality PR and Branding for a major hotel chain. She had some cosmetic issues with her front teeth that greatly benefited from a smile makeover with porcelain veneers.


Inna’s New Smile!

Inna is an outstanding young law student who was born without her lateral incisors, the teeth next to her 2 front teeth. Her orthodontist moved her canine teeth toward the center but it just didn’t look right and she kept opening up a space between her 2 front teeth. Using…


Britany–Dental Assistant

Britany has been our Dental Assistant for a year and a half.  Many of you have met her and enjoyed her southern hospitality—and accent!  She is from the Florida panhandle, very close to Alabama. With her “Extended Functions” training, Britany is one of the most highly skilled assistants we have ever had.  When she’s…