Job Applicant Guidelines

It’s been awhile since we’ve hired a new employee.  After commuting from the valley for far too long, our dental hygienist, Leah, is taking a full time job closer to home.  So we posted a job opening on Craigslist over the weekend.  First of all, we were immediately inundated with dozens of calls.  No…


Quality Dental Services and Quality Ink Jet Cartridges

Hewlett Packard had an ad in the paper that caught my eye today.  Back when I was entering college in 1975, HP had a reputation for making the finest quality products available.  Their calculators were state of the art.  They used “reverse Polish notation,” which was the precursor for they way we all…


Upgrading old veneers

This wonderful patient had veneers placed years ago to mask the tetracycline stains in her teeth. When it was time to re-make them in a whiter, but more natural look, she came to us for an all new smile in 2 easy visits! Thanks to Bob Clark and Williams Dental…