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A Subtle Smile Makeover

This very nice young professional wanted a subtle makeover for her teeth.  She had thick, old Lumineers on the bottom, and several bonded fillings on her upper right lateral incisor (just next to her right front tooth).  Her upper left lateral (next to her left front tooth) was longer than…


A full mouth reconstruction with implants and crowns

This colorful 59 year old gentlemen had avoided the dentist for many years and was looking forward to eating well again.  He didn’t want partial dentures, so we performed a full mouth reconstruction replacing his missing teeth with dental implants and we placed porcelain on all of his natural teeth…


Full Mouth Restoration Dental Patient

Here is the first half of a full mouth restoration in porcelain–with a new, more comfortable bite/jaw posture. Not to mention a far better appearance. Lowers next! Josh Bernstein, DDS, Founder and President, Dental Comfort Academy


Broken Tooth Emergency

This new patient came to us in an emergency with a broken tooth.  When there is a missing tooth, it puts extra stress on the teeth next to the empty space.  Now that we have restored her broken tooth, it’s time for a cleaning and an implant to replace the…


Sound and Video During Dental Treatment

Sound and Video are perpetually popular distractions for our patients having dental treatment. On our video glasses, patients frequently watch their own favorite movies. Or they can choose from the entire Netflix library. We also have a popular selection of comedies, romantic comedies, and classics. Some of the most popular…


Artist’s all new smile (and bite!)

This interesting artist was missing some teeth, had a lot of wear, and wanted to get his mouth to a point of what he called “sustainability.” We placed implants for the 5 missing lower teeth and restored all of his teeth with porcelain crowns. He had to have some grafting…