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Dentist Communication When It Comes To Dental Bonding

I have a new weekend pleasure. After breakfast, I walk from my house to The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, where I go swimming, then I walk home. As I was walking on Saturday, I overheard two couples talking about their teeth. I didn’t catch the details of the first conversation,…


Dr. Hallatt – Berkeley Dentist

I first met Dr. Hallatt on a lunch interview. He was exhausted from the hectic schedule he kept and from the sadness of having lost a son to a cerebral hemorrhage. He had hypertension, he would sweat during work, he seemed angry, he was prone to mood swings, and I…


Job Applicant Guidelines

It’s been awhile since we’ve hired a new employee.  After commuting from the valley for far too long, our dental hygienist, Leah, is taking a full time job closer to home.  So we posted a job opening on Craigslist over the weekend.  First of all, we were immediately inundated with dozens of calls.  No…


Quality Dental Services and Quality Ink Jet Cartridges

Hewlett Packard had an ad in the paper that caught my eye today.  Back when I was entering college in 1975, HP had a reputation for making the finest quality products available.  Their calculators were state of the art.  They used “reverse Polish notation,” which was the precursor for they way we all…


Experts and Customer Service

Four years ago, I had a skin cancer removed from the very edge of my lower eyelid. The surgeon who removed it was/is widely regarded as the best surgeon in the area for this type of procedure. At the time, I was not quite as impressed as everyone else was.…


The Secret to Life

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of attending a garden party for my long-time friend, Suzy, on the occasion of her 50th birthday along with the 25th anniversary of her marriage to Mark. Her mother, Shirley, was one of my late mother’s best friends and I spent a good long…


Surfing and Relaxing in Hawaii

Everybody needs to relax a little. We were fortunate enough to be able to relax in Hawaii. We make sure that our cosmetic dentistry patients – who consider guests – have a positive and relaxed experience in our Bay Area dental office.


Au Revoir Paris

Now that we are finally over the jet lag and used to European time, our last day of our trip has arrived. Fortunately the “finale” was the Louvre, perhaps the greatest art museum in the world. This morning, we got up early and arrived before the Louvre opened, so it…


Encore Paris

With every intention of getting up early to get to Versailles, we almost succeeded … except we were so sleepy! We got going at a decent hour, just the same decent hour as everyone else! The fabulous Paris Metro connects with the RER which takes you directly to Versailles in…


Learning from Other Cultures

As someone who hasn’t traveled much, it has been a great learning experience traveling to France and Italy—and for reasons I didn’t expect. There are several problems in the U.S. that the Europeans have already solved. While we continue to slog it out in traffic jams in our big cars,…