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Sun Medical

In our never ending quest for the world’s best dental materials, we were very happy to recently host our new friends from Sun Medical of Japan. Sun Medical is a leading edge company, sincerely interested in finding out what the dental profession needs and then delivering it. Our Japanese friends…


Scared of Dentists – Check This Out

This patient was a dental phobic who came to visit me. With much dedication on his part, he left our office today with the beginnings of a new smile. These are his temporaries/orthoses and we will now begin work on adjusting the size of his teeth to best suit him…


Obstacles as Stepping Stones to Success

I just returned from Las Vegas where I attended the annual LVI Gala, starring 6 Olympic gold medalists. There was also a survivor of the ill-fated Mount Everest expedition and a deaf comedienne. It was genuinely inspiring to meet such accomplished people. However, I re-learned a lesson that made this…