A full mouth reconstruction with implants and crowns

This colorful 59 year old gentlemen had avoided the dentist for many years and was looking forward to eating well again.  He didn’t want partial dentures, so we performed a full mouth reconstruction replacing his missing teeth with dental implants and we placed porcelain on all of his natural teeth…


Full Mouth Restoration Dental Patient

Here is the first half of a full mouth restoration in porcelain–with a new, more comfortable bite/jaw posture. Not to mention a far better appearance. Lowers next! Josh Bernstein, DDS, Founder and President, Dental Comfort Academy http://www.allnewsmiles.com http://www.sanfranciscosedationdentist.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR1pIZSQndI


Quality Dental Services and Quality Ink Jet Cartridges

Hewlett Packard had an ad in the paper that caught my eye today.  Back when I was entering college in 1975, HP had a reputation for making the finest quality products available.  Their calculators were state of the art.  They used “reverse Polish notation,” which was the precursor for they way we all…


Janet’s all new smile

Janet had veneers placed on her front teeth many years ago, along with a crown over a root canal on her right lateral incisor.  She didn’t like the position or the look of the crown and she felt like her veneers weren’t white enough or shaped the way she wanted…