Does your dental office smell “like shots?”

Does your dental office smell “like shots?” For information on how your office can smell better for patients, see my latest blog post at http://www.comfortacademy.org/. Josh Bernstein, DDS Founder and President, Dental Comfort Academy http://www.allnewsmiles.com http://www.sanfranciscosedationdentist.com http://www.comfortacademy.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1eTrwCfu5Y


Breathe Right Strips Make Dental App’ts More Comfortable for Mouth Breathers in our Piedmont offfice for patients in Piedmont, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Kensington, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Moraga, Dan

Patients who have difficulty breathing through their nose are often very uncomfortable at the dentist.  Because they are forced to breathe through their mouth, they have problems with gagging, choking, claustrophobia, impressions, cotton rolls, rubber dams, water spray, retraction etc.  For many reasons beyond the scope of this post, it…


All New Smile Reminder

Sometimes, something comes along that is just a great improvement in customer service. In our busy dental practice, a big part of our administrative job is helping patients find and keep valuable appointment time. With my busy schedule, we like scheduling patients as soon as possible to accommodate their needs.…


Comfort in Dentistry

No matter how much progress the dental profession makes, some things don’t change–a lot of patients HATE the dentist. While dentist are excited about new porcelains, laser treatments for gum disease, and implants, patients are worried about the same old things–they hate the shot, they hate the “drill,” and they’re…


Martha’s all new smile

Conservative cosmetic dentistry can often provide amazing transformations. By treating Martha’s four front teeth only, Martha now has the all new smile she has been wanting for a long time. Using a safe, common sedative, we were able to overcome Martha’s anxiety about treatment and keep her completely comfortable and…


Can a Robot Dentist Improve your Comfort?

Innovation never ceases to amaze me! As the concept of comfort in dentistry becomes more popular (after all, who doesn’t want to be comfortable?!) inventors are meeting this demand with some excellent products and services. One product recently developed by the Japanese is a robot, equipped with sensors that teaches…


Surfing and Relaxing in Hawaii

Everybody needs to relax a little. We were fortunate enough to be able to relax in Hawaii. We make sure that our cosmetic dentistry patients – who consider guests – have a positive and relaxed experience in our Bay Area dental office.