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Do Cosmetic Dentists do “regular” dentistry?

Do Cosmetic Dentists do “regular” dentistry? Yes! Here is a broken silver mercury filling we replaced today for a patient who hadn’t been to the dentist in awhile. Still more to do, but much better now! Before After


What’s the real story on fixing bad breath?

Do you (or someone you know) have bad breath? It’s a sensitive and embarrassing issue that causes problems at work, in social situations, and at home. Except for certain medical conditions, chronic bad breath is almost always a dental problem that can be solved. Bad breath comes from bacterial plaque…


What’s the real story on dental insurance?

Dental insurance is a nice benefit to have, especially if your employer is paying for it. But many people don’t understand how dental insurance works. Dental insurance is unlike medical insurance, because dental insurance has an annual maximum benefit that is typically limited to $1,500. So even if you need…


Dental Implants Blog

I have my 30th dental school reunion next month! Hard to believe! Back then, “cosmetic dentists” and “implant dentists” were laughed at! Now it seems that every dentist says they are a “cosmetic” dentist, even those that have not had extensive post-doctoral training in this field! Training and experience count!…


What Separates Our Dental Practice From the Others?

Piedmont is a wonderful community here in the Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco Bay Area. Piedmont is also a great place to practice our unique style of dentistry. Wait, what’s so unique about our “style” of dentistry? Aren’t all dental practices pretty much the same? Far from it! Aside from personality differences, there…


A beautiful all new smile

This wonderful dental patient had a traumatic bite that was causing her a lot of wear on her teeth, not to mention damage to her supporting jaw bone.  We determined ideal jaw relations for her, then rebuilt her bite to that new posture, restoring all of her teeth in the…


Water Pik Makes for Healthy Dental Patients

Why is it that our healthiest patients use a Water Pik? All the latest research points to increasing evidence of the role of “biofilm” in causing cavities and gum disease. What is “biofilm?” It is the bacteria filled fluid that exists in the “pocket” of gum tissue that surrounds the…


Upgrading old veneers

This wonderful patient had veneers placed years ago to mask the tetracycline stains in her teeth. When it was time to re-make them in a whiter, but more natural look, she came to us for an all new smile in 2 easy visits! Thanks to Bob Clark and Williams Dental…


Vanessa’s New Smile!

Vanessa is a high powered, jet-setting executive in Hospitality PR and Branding for a major hotel chain. She had some cosmetic issues with her front teeth that greatly benefited from a smile makeover with porcelain veneers.