Charity Dental Work at All New Smiles


Charity Dental Work at All New Smiles

Charity work occupies a significant portion of our efforts here. Whether it’s restoring the teeth of battered women, improving the dental health of new immigrants, or raising money for UCSF Cardiology Council, we take great pleasure and pride in our charitable contributions.

2 years ago, a close friend died suddenly of a heart attack, more accurately sudden cardiac death. This tragedy hit us hard. And scared us. He was only 58 with a wife and 3 kids. Since his death, we had been searching for a meaningful way to honor him. Because we had visited the Chief of UCSF Cardiology, just to make sure we were okay, we were motivated to become benefactors of the UCSF Cardiology Council.

Recently, we organized a fund raiser for the UCSF Cardiology Council. We sponsored a CPR class and all the participants paid fees that went 100% to UCSF. We raised thousands of dollars! And, it was enormously satisfying to hire professional CPR trainers and get a large group of community members trained to save a life in an emergency.

Josh Bernstein, DDS, Founder and President, Dental Comfort Academy