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Dental Implants Blog

I have my 30th dental school reunion next month! Hard to believe! Back then, “cosmetic dentists” and “implant dentists” were laughed at! Now it seems that every dentist says they are a “cosmetic” dentist, even those that have not had extensive post-doctoral training in this field! Training and experience count! Cosmetic Dentistry is a fantastic service for patients, whether we are restoring teeth to their original natural form or creating a beautiful new look.

Implants are also an amazing service that still blows me away when I think about it. Imagine being able to replace a missing tooth! In my practice, there are some very cool ways that we practice Implant Dentistry.

Three dimensional images using CBCT (CT scan) allow us to see in incredibly precise detail exactly what the jaw bone is like before we plan our implant placement. Using specialized software on the computer, we can drag and drop the implant into the jaw image, well before we actually do the surgery. Once we finalize our plan on the computer, we send it to our dental technology lab (360 Imaging), which then uses a 3D printer to manufacture a surgical guide. This is how we plan computer guided surgery. Once we have our surgical guide, we can place our implant to a very precise depth and at just the right angle, typically without any incisions or sutures!

Implant surgery has become minimally invasive and quite comfortable! Replacing teeth with dental implants is easier than ever!

Josh Bernstein, DDS, Founder and President, Dental Comfort Academy